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About Us

PowerDocks LLC is a marine technology company ​innovating​ dynamic products and providing creative consulting solutions. Our company has designed and ​built​ the world's first commercially available line of floating solar power micro-grid platforms.

These intelligent floating micro-grid platforms are constructed to collect, store and redistribute renewable energy in-situ in the aquatics. They can be used to generate significant amounts of off-grid power for marinas, ports, moorings and marine robotic systems. PowerDocks LLC is currently designing IOT enabled platforms that can provide electric recharging to a variety of industries including recreational marine, aquaculture, water quality, defense and oceanography.

Let Us Power Your Aquatic Needs...

Our product portfolio includes a variety of solar integrated floating power platforms. This includes traditional docks and mooring structures for marinas and ports. It also includes docking stations for electric re-charging of various types of surface, aerial and underwater vehicles.  Additionally, PowerDocks has developed a dedicated line of IOT buoys for environmental monitoring, water quality testing, and perimeter area security.

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Beyond the physical products, PowerDocks LLC ​provide customers with a variety of consulting services. These include sustainable design,​ engineering, technology systems integration, manufacturing, and operations support.

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