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Remote Aquatic Monitoring Systems

Introducing our BiomeHM-IA™  IoT Water Monitoring Buoy 

What Makes BiomeHM-IA™ Water Quality Senors Different?

  • Integrated Photovoltaic Power with Internal Battery Supply

  • IoT Driven Smart Water Sensors

  • Low Power Cellular Delivery of Data (Yes, this means no going to the buoy to collect data!)

  • Easy Out of the Box Data Access using Libelium IOT Analytics Platform

BiomeHM-IA™ data buoys allow you to manage your biome water quality in real time from any remote location, helping you to proactively manage and ensure your successful marine farm production or marine environment monitoring.

Easily manage your whole ecosystem in one location. BiomeHM-IA™ Buoys export data in real time using cloud based IoT technology. Our IoT reporting is driven by low power cellular gateways which are driven by our self-contained power supply. The BiomeHM-IA™ Buoys have integrated solar panels which charge an internal battery which in turn powers your sensor of choice and the cellular gateway. Reports are stored in the cloud so viewing your data is easy with any internet enabled PC or Smart Phone. Our buoys feature a unique, patent pending, hull configuration which incorporates: photovoltaic power, AC interconnection, built in energy storage for resilient operation, IoT communications, and a suite of data monitoring reporting options.

Want to Learn More?

Thank You! We will reach out to you shortly about your solar power needs.

IOT based water monitoring is made simple with our teaming with Libelium offering a comprehensive Communications Gateway System Platform.

How does Cloud Based IoT Water Monitoring work, you ask? In a word...


Just login and view your data through the UI or run script queries. See each Buoy, its condition and its data. Split data into as many streams as you need.  


BiomeHM-IA™ Reports gives you customizable summaries and visuals with optional Geo Location in common exportable formats.

Our BiomeHM-IA (tm) System features  Libelium Communication Gateway Platform to facilitate reliable remote internet connectivity and data reporting.



First “Floating Microgrid” Mooring Platform Enhances Resilience at New Bedford Harbor with: Power at moorings, multiple wireless networks, persistent environmental monitoring and 360° Video Surveillance

Successful fish health management or marine environment monitoring begins with implementing proactive measures. Preventative monitoring is the best means to stop the development of diseases in fish stocks and environmental risks. Spending precious resources in costly treatments and mitigating losses of sea farmed products production can be prevented by establishing a monitoring system before problems arise.  Prevention of disease or contamination is accomplished through the implementation of   water   quality management, specimen nutrition, and sanitation.

While water sensing technology has come a long way how we collect it really hasn't. People still have to row out floating buoys and manually collect data to then bring back to a computer and upload the data to the web. Sure, the person collecting the data can upload their data from the field using wireless devices, but you still have to get the person there in the first place. Blue Isles has solved this by partnering with Libelium. Libelium makes a low power cellular gateway device which can pass data from remote locations, but only when it has power. Our remote power solutions and Labellum's remote data delivery made an ideal partnership for developing real-time systems for water monitoring. The field of environmental science computing is fast changing, and Power+Docks is there to help with these changes. Our smart water wireless sensor platform will revolutionize how we monitor water quality in rivers, oceans, lakes, and fish stock ponds.  

Our water quality, water supply, and water resources are the most important assets we have in our communities, yet they are also the most vulnerable. The core controller in our water quality testing equipment will be able to monitor turbidity, dissolved oxygen, water temperature and more. Our real-time water quality testing systems, which are driven by IoT technology, will help deliver actionable data to keep our waterways safe. 

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your biome ecosystem health and deliver higher quality marine farmed products and overall safer marine environments. 

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