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Main Benefits from Power+Docks

  • Shore Power to Boats in Remote Areas

  • Energy Independence from Grid Power and Toxic Fossil Fueled Generators 

  • Increased Mooring Revenue

  • Off Location Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • 24/7 IoT Remote Monitoring

  • Off Season Income by Selling Power Back to the Grid

Want to Learn More?

Thank You! We will reach out to you shortly about your solar power needs.

Reduce Marina Energy Operating Cost, Improve Power Resiliency, and Expand Services to Remote Marina Facilities with Power+Docks

Power+Docks integrate Photovoltaic Power, Energy Storage, and Power Distribution technologies to provide on-site resilient electricity in Marina Facilities and Remote Mooring Fields.


​Benefits includes:

  • Reduced Marina Energy Expenditure Offsets from self-power generation   

  • Improved Marina Power Resiliency when incorporating Integrated Energy Backup Storage

  • Extended Mooring Rental Stays from Power+Docks Powering Remote Mooring Locations

  • Incremental Revenue in Applicable State Utility Markets by Selling Power to Utility and/or 3rd Parties under Tariff Incentive Programs and Distributed Utility Interconnection

  • Federal Tax (Private or Commercial) and Capital Expense Deduction Incentive Credits

Power+Docks (P+D) are the first of its kind docks that self-generate integrated renewable power. P+D transforms underutilized floating docks into self-generating Sustainable Power Producing floating infrastructures that help reduce the Marina’s energy operating cost and allows the convenience of power distribution to remote floating locations. These solar docks are configurable and customizable with respect to size and construction materials (traditional woods, metal, composite and formed concrete) to suit a number of floating infrastructure applications and design requirements.


P+D can be interconnected to the Marina local Utility load as a Net Metering Interconnection (offering electric tariff credit offsets to the Utility Meter Customer) and/or as a Distributed Generation Tariff Incentive Interconnection (able to sell the power to the local Utility and/or other third parties in applicable State jurisdictions). Additional P+D Technology product options include integrated Energy Storage for servicing remote locations, improved Power Resiliency, IoT communications for remote Customer monitoring conveniences, and Water Quality Management remote monitoring for improved Marina Environmental impact.


Power+Docks allows optimization of Mooring fields by increasing the number of boats docked per single anchorage. Standard configurations of 2 to 4 boats are available and customizable with optional Power+Docks Technologies.

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