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Three Fall River companies honored as manufacturers of the year

BOSTON — Three Fall River companies were honored at the Statehouse as a 2017 Manufacturer of the Year.

Power Docks LLC, Merrow Manufacturing, and GS Rubber were nominated and awarded for their excellence and innovation during a ceremony held Wednesday.

Power Docks LLC, led by Chris Fagan and Anthony Baro, was nominated for their contributions to marine sustainability and innovation. Power Docks has tapped into the raw potential of the South Coast region in Massachusetts to launch their innovative business that utilizes solar energy to store, generate, and disperse renewable solar energy to marine vessels wirelessly. This is done with solar arrays in marinas in Fall River and Newport, Rhode Island which have been a large hit with many marine companies.

Power Docks is located within and has worked in close partnership with the innovative incubator Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to recognize Power Docks, and Anthony and Chris, for their contributions to the South Coast maritime industry,” Rep. Paul Schmid said in a statement. “Through their involvement with the CIE at UMass Dartmouth, they are able to utilize the unique landscape in Fall River to continue marine and underwater innovation. I look forward to following their work in our region for years to come.”

Merrow Manufacturing, a technical soft goods manufacturer in the United States, is known for developing and building apparel, gear and instrumented soft goods. Established in 1838 as a diverse manufacturing operation, they are currently managed by the 7th Generation Brothers, Owen & Charlie Merrow.

“I was proud to nominate Merrow Manufacturing as manufacturer of the year in my district,” Rep. Carole Fiola said in a statement. “The Merrow brothers truly dedicate their lives to ensuring quality goods are created right here in our community with their highly trained employees and are always searching for new and innovative ways to expand their products to consumers.”

GS Rubber was nominated for their contribution to creating high precision elastomer products for the ever evolving machinery and technology industry. The company has evolved to be one of the leading manufacturers of rubber products in Fall River since 1993.

“These awards provide recognition for job creation which stimulate our economy and provide educational opportunities for the people of the South Coast and GS Rubber is a great example of such,” Rep. Alan Silvia said in a statement.

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