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Power Docks: A Fall River tech company with a bright idea - Herald News

FALL RIVER — You row from the dingy dock to your boat, off-load about four dozen bags, climb on, open the hatches, pump the bilge, remove the sail shrouds.

Wouldn’t a frosty beverage suit you right now?

“My boat is on a mooring in Bristol Harbor,” Anthony Baro said. “I started thinking that there had to be a good way to keep my refrigerator running so I could have a cold drink.”

That was enough of a spark to bring Baro’s newest business to life.

Power Docks is the newest resident of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the technology incubator at 151 Martine St. that is run by UMass Dartmouth.

Power Docks launched its first product, a prototype solar powered docking station, in Newport Harbor two weeks ago.

The company will take a bigger step this month when it demonstrates its capacity at the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, hosted by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport.

“We’ll demonstrate the capability to fly and land an air drone and also operate and dock an underwater drone to the platform, completely autonomously,” Baro said. “We’ll be able to provide a live video stream from the platform, both from the air and from under water.” Underwater and flying drones will also be able to recharge at the dock, Baro said.

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Article by the Herald News, credits to Staff Writer Kevin P. O'Connor

Drone Photo credits to Ian Purdy

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