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PowerDocks, LLC Announces Collaboration with BCube Analytics Inc. to Develop an Integrated Communica

Fall River, MA, 1/24/17 – POWER DOCKS, LLC, a local marine developer which designs and manufactures Marine Autonomous Powered Docking Platforms (MAPDs) and BCUBE ANALYTICS INC., a provider of software applications, tools and services for enterprises using cutting-edge technologies, have joined forces to develop a new and fully integrated communications network for marine docking stations. These marine docking stations will provide power, communication and docking services to unmanned aerial, surface and underwater vehicles. This collaborative effort will include the development of a network of interconnected docking stations to provide power, data transfer and an application interface for the command and control of the vehicles that use the docking facilities. Docking networks for military, commercial and recreational applications will be developed to address the unique needs of each of these markets.

“BCUBE Analytics’ fully integrated cloud-based secured communications network will allow MAPDs end users complete control over their autonomous vehicles remotely. This is a significant benefit for PowerDocks MAPDs customers because it will enable them to extend their maritime mission duration while achieving a lower operating cost”, states Anthony Baro, Managing Partner of POWER DOCKS. Saji Nair, CEO of BCUBE ANALYTICS INC, emphasizes “our expertise in the development of open standards software solutions for network management will provide POWER DOCKS autonomous docking stations and its customers an advantage for integrating unique robotic devices operating standards in a secured and integrated communications network.

POWER DOCKS and BCUBE are both headquartered at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Center is an incubator for technology-driven companies to build their exciting innovations. Both Anthony Baro and Saji Nair, experts in their respective fields agree that this collaboration will bring exciting opportunities and benefits not only to both companies but will have a worldwide marine industry impact.

For additional information please visit POWEDOCKS LLC – and BCUBE ANALYTICS INC. –

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