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Live Streaming and Viewing Coverage of Aquatic Sporting Events

Power+Docks Media helps connect aquatic sporting events and viewers in real time no matter where the audience is located. Event viewers can now link to Power+Docks Media channel in YouTube to access and view both live and recorded aquatic sporting events. From live coverage and scheduled programming, to archive services and digital solutions, Blue Isles™ Media has dedicated teams of experts covering all aspects of media production and distribution.


Power+Docks Media service offerings for event organizers:

  • Live streaming of aquatic sporting events to a captive viewer audience on-line and or located at shoreline event facilities.

  • Event media production, distribution, and media right sales

Power+Docks Media for event viewers:

  • Online event viewing access on Power+Docks Media YouTube 


Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you fulfill your needs for Aquatic Sporting Events Media Coverage. 

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